The Dawn of a New Day

In Musings by Misty Odom

I sit here in the green space in front of an almost empty shopping center, enjoying what I promise to myself will be my last matcha latte for quite some time… For in spite of the negative economic impact of this so-called pandemic, I must admit that I have been waiting for the world as we know it to be destroyed since learning of the “End Times” in Sunday School. How often have I looked around, tears in my eyes, and asked out loud why we live for such hollow and frivolous things? How many times have I gazed upon so called leaders, willing my heart to stop beating so I no longer have to bear witness to their utter foolishness and immaturity? How many challenging conversations have I had over the course of my lifetime (yes, even as a child I perceived the immense errors of civilization) in which I have been mocked, ridiculed, and told to put my feet on the ground, that I live in a fantasy world, that my wishes would never be granted here in this place?

Since I was small, I have seen myself a nomad, riding my horse to warm climates, living as one with the Earth, harming none, enjoying the peace and sanctuary of the Garden….I was a teenager before I realized such a life is quite literally illegal… that there is no place to go freely in this way without being persecuted as homeless, lazy or insane, that others like me have given up their dreams in favor of the false promises of capitalism and existence in opposition to an actual life of synchronous interdependence based on biology and human authenticity. And now… at what I feel is only the beginning, this quarantine that I thought at first would surely be over within weeks, I am feeling called to speak my heart to the many, because a new beginning is here, and it feels very different than all of the other times that I thought surely am immense shift in consciousness was at hand…

My soul is ancient. I can say with humility that I have been here longer than most of you can fathom that life or even time has existed. The purity and expanse of my consciousness is one that draws many admirers, and plenty of persecution. I hold the codes of ancient Universal Law and right relationship to Creation. I hold the codes of Gaia, the Mother Matrix, Health and Disease, and the Ancient Trees of unfathomable size from which we came- but not as apes as you have been mis-educated to believe. While many of you stand in what is left of nature and feel the stirring of your heart, I feel the immense pain of what once was, of what my soul has seen and experienced over millions of lifetimes here. To me, this place is almost completely desolate. A wasteland. We are a long way off from perceiving the glory of what was once our most precious gift. Mother. Mother. Mother. May we remember you. May we see beyond the narratives of so called leaders who focus on economy over ecology, education over spirituality, poison as a means to health, blindness in spite of the evidence that we are being traumatized- traumatized!!-by the perceived privileges of modern existence. And we call it stress. And we normalize it. And we push forward, ignoring our intuition as we “throw away” one more item, ignoring the sting in our lungs as our indoctrinated minds equate the stench of poison with cleanliness, ignoring our common sense as we ingest harmful substances and wonder at our failing health, blaming our bodies for breaking down when it is not, in fact, age that betrays us, and then we seek poison to remedy the illness that can only be healed through cleanliness. We ignore the cries of the children woken before dawn and separated from their families each day to be taught by pedagogues (which means slaves, by the way). We have forgotten how to listen to the most pure among us. We have persecuted our children’s responses to emotional and physical pain in favor of the status quo and we have exalted pseudo-sciences which teach separation, admire independence above interdependence, and promote blaming and shaming of our parents and grandparents for their damaged responses to a harmful and unnatural societal structure.

We are so misaligned that we have forgotten our Dharma, our unique purpose, forgotten that we are responsible for all things that we perceive and experience. As within, so without. This illness is a gift that is cleansing our collective consciousness. The timing is perfect. May everything die that does not serve the future that we all deserve. Yes, I said everything. The sickening lack of spiritual sight is in its final throes of decay. And death is absolutely nothing to fear. Good riddance to the old world. I’ve been waiting for this all my life. This is the dawn of a new day. Welcome, humans, if you can call yourself that. Look deep inside of you. The answers are simple, so obvious that I laugh at the ridiculousness of it. May we return to what is holy, what is good, and what uplifts and honors all life. May we turn away completely from what does not. We must. We have no choice, now. Blessings to all who can receive this message as it is intended: with highest regard for all life and for what waits in store for humanity in the emergent paradigm. May you search your heart for the answers. May no harm come to you. May you align with your highest emanation. The time is now. Peace be with you.