Temple of the Sacred Mirror

The Great Story –
Temple of the Sacred Mirror

This is a nexus point between the timelines of the Mythica Authors, where our combined magics anchored the temple of Story into the Worlds.

Here, Yeshua Lucis, Misty Odom and Peter Fae all work together, each sharing a storypoint on the Great Story.

Yeshua had just arrived from the islands of Maui, meeting Peter Fae once more in the fields of the Mythica.

In her archtypical embodiment as the Earth and the Trees, Misty meets us in the movement.

We both recognized the Odom as a powerful creature, an embodied Goddess of the Hearth and Home, flush with the leonine strength of alignment.

Such was a deep meeting, where the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine met, together creating the bridges between Earth & Sky.

At the time, we were living in the Green of Austin, supported and camping in a mystical spot we were led to by the deva of the forest.

It was a majesty, for in the Mythica we witnessed the temple of the Sacred Mirror in it’s aspect, a bastion of kindness and grace on the Path.

A view of the Sacred Mirror temple from the Mythica

It was beautiful. As we looked through the Mythica, the temple shone, a beacon of purity and respite along the Path.

Reflections on the Great Story

Characters Featured –

Yeshua Lucis (@yeshualucis), Misty Odom (@mistyo), Peter Fae (@peterfae)

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