Maps of the Mythica

Maps of the Mythica

As an Author documenting their journey deeper into the mystical reality, where you go on your sacred Path and who you intersect with in synchronicity are crucial to the telling of your Story. They are literally the points in space and time when we may see the bigger picture.

The example below is from my timeline, from the ‘Journey Home’ of Peter Fae. This serves as a model of the interaction between the maps of the Mythica documenting our migration across the consciousness and the showing of our timeline of Story.

[google_map_easy id=”1″]

As Author-Adventurers, we are mapping out our timeline, which is happening along the surface of Gaia. Here, we are coming to realization and publishing of the parallel between our personal evolution and the places we visit on our Path.

As we perform this sacred function, witnessing our Stories, the pattern beneath the surface of our lives may be more clearly seen. We see the roots and branches of the World Tree, wrought in the very footsteps of our Path.