Releasing the Warrior’s Karma~ A Return to Innocence

In Musings by Misty Odom

One of my favorite creation stories is that of Sofia, her wild and gorgeous matrix called Gaia and it’s consequent rape and decimation by her offspring, the Demiurge.

Jealous of Sophia’s creative powers and unable to meet her as an equal, he proceeds to attempt to destroy all that holds her blueprint. He is ultimately unsuccessful, but his impetuous wrath has been felt on the Earth plane since the Genesis….

Fast forward to my own journey, on a visit to the magical Island of Mu in the spring of 2019, with this particular story ringing in my DNA, in my warrior’s heart, imprints from so many lifetimes, calling me to fight. To fight the battle currently raging between the oppressors and the oppressed, to draw back the curtain on the perceived evil that has manifest itself in the paradigm of duality, burning inside with a willingness to destroy anyone, even challenge a god who has caused harm to what is right and good….. and before I could step any further into the desire to fight…..behold: a remembrance…of my innocence.

Sparked by a mirror in the embodiment of Peter Fae, who listened intently to my passionate desire for apocalyptic revenge on all that would cause harm to the  Mother Matrix. A mirror who realized exactly what I needed to hear to pull me from my illusion of separation. “Forgive,” he said. “It is you.” He held the pain and ferocity of my ancient lineage with so much presence. His words were loving, and light, and not attached to whether or not I would “get it”… but feeling the chord of truth struck and ringing inside me, It was clear that I must take a step back. I felt confusion. I was out of alignment and I knew it.

I took this simple reminder with me a few days later to a Maui Beach, and prayed and sang to the Sun, to the Ocean, to the Great Mother, to guide me back to that truth that I remembered as a child. The truth of Oneness, that we all come from One Source. To the truth that that which I perceive as an “other” is in fact a facet of my God Self. And my prayers and songs were heard, and quickly answered, as I remembered at the core of my being that to fight myself, would only cause harm to the aspect of Source called Misty….And there was no resentment in putting down my sword, and laying my Warrior’s Karma to rest, forever.
For this is a message of our time: that the only sword to wield is the sword of truth, in order to cut away all that is illusion. And to wisely direct our passion  into anchoring the blueprint of the New Paradigm, seeding the structures that will support the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. The time of the Warrior is over. The time of the Creative Innocent has begun.