New Moon Magic

In the August new moon in Capricorn, Peter and I plant seeds for ourselves and the collective in the form of a ritual cord cutting and intention setting spell. We choose to cut cords between the Diving Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Acknowledging and honoring all aspects of these polar energies in our lifetime for their contributions, both positive and negative, and our own participation in such interactions and entanglements. As within, so without. As we stand before one another, I feel his aspect deeply, and his willingness to receive my pain and trauma related to the Divine Masculine as well as my adoration, gratitude, and reverence. We speak of our relationship with these polarities and, utilizing a Hawaiian Huna technique, energetically cut our akka cords, allowing a new beginning for our own internal integration, our external union with one another, and the collective consciousness.

We sit then, and state our intentions, clarifying our desired outcomes for our lives and creative endeavors individually and together. There is a newness here for us both. We have mostly worked alone, partnership never quite manifesting itself in full. In spite of our bravery and willingness to move through shadow and dive into the depths, we realize the nature of our connection still in it’s infant form, and rejoice together in the knowledge of our alliance growing strong as we devote ourselves in service to the Divine. Each of us has a longstanding recognition of our aspects as microcosmic anchors for the collective well being, and have applied our magics individually for years, doing energy work on ourselves, with the intention to impact the collective, knowing we were affecting change on a larger scale.
Merging our powers is tangible, and as the moon waxes, our spells bear fruit in multiple forms. Peter drops more deeply into Kundalini yoga and breathwork as I resume my yogas and start a Hapkido class. We are both on a cleansing diet and Peter is utilizing a homemade ferment I make for him which facilitates cellular restructuring and the purging of parasites. We plan a day of physical rejuvenation to attend to our temples in a shared space of healing the night before the Pisces full moon. I dive more deeply into the study of sex magic and energetic exchange, grateful to have a willing partner with whom to finally share such alchemies. We are invited to a couple of gatherings during the window of the full moon, both birthed by respected Creatives that I have not interfaced with in many years. We both feel a return to the world is happening for us as individuals, and a debut of sorts happening for our alliance. It is a beautiful thing, and illustrates for us just how easy and graceful manifestation can be.

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