In La K’ech a La Kin…I am Another Yourself

Misty Odom….her given name literally means “Mystic of the Old Lands”. She is a Dakini, one whose very presence shifts realities and lights the way to the New Paradigm as the Ancient Codes are revealed through herself and others.

Misty is an Avatar of healing body, mind, and spirit. She has maintained a private healing practice in Austin, TX since 2002, incorporating Massage Therapy with Various Energetic Healing Modalities; Temple Arts utilizing Shamanism, Neo Tantra, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Ancient Songs passed in the oral tradition, and more. Recently she has founded Sacred Mirror Soul Coaching, enabling individuals access to her wisdom and guidance from anywhere in the world.

With a profound passion for illuminating the importance of honoring Mothers as a microcosm of Gaia, offering Empirical Alchemical Solutions for the healing of the Body Temple and the Earth, and reviving the awareness of radical techniques that assist in defining the so-called “New” Golden Age, Misty is a fierce and humble vessel, brimming with humane offerings that define conscious evolution in action.