In Musings by Misty Odom

The last few weeks have felt *so full*. Not a day goes by that is spared a new enlightenment for everyone present. Thank Goddess. Often the lessons are easy. Sometimes, though, the pain lends itself to half hearted and bitter interactions with those we love most. Especially for me. I’m challenged with the pattern of withdrawal, giving up, protecting my heart, running away from my love relationships when I feel spurned or insulted… Even so, it is obvious that so much is being shed…so much that was always present is being revealed, illuminated; as what has weighed us down is burned away in the alchemical fires of our deep mirroring and authentic expression. We~ Peter, Yeshua, and myself are a few of the bravest beings I know. Witnessing each one of our deep desires for clarity, transformation, integrity, and accountability continually offers refinement of the transmission of the ancient codes of conduct that are deeply expressing through each of our aspects. We have learned that sovereignty is nothing without interdependence. That there is a time for anger and a time for temperance. That the presence of chemistry is not always a call to synchronize movements, but the desire for alchemy always is…

I am fortunate in this last week to have had a prayer answered. I have been suffering from lack of contact with the women I hold dear. My son and I are able to I spend a morning and the next afternoon with Kate Lindsey, my soul sister of a decade or more, and her darling children. Kate is an Austin facilitator of Song Carriers (among many other things!) and I was privileged to learn many ancient sacred women’s songs of healing, ceremony, and prayer in last year’s Spring Series, which she co-facilitated. Kate tends an early morning fire as we sing together the songs of our ancestors from many tongues, the songs of honoring and awakening. It is *so good* to be in her presence. My heart is glad. We talk of prophecies that are coming to fruition. I recap for her what a few of my astrologer friends are saying~ that this year, is actually 2012, not 2020~ that the calendar is off. It pulls so much together. We cook, clean, and laugh. We are empowered in one another’s presence. Our children play outside and make art together. Her oldest is excited to show me his drawings of Griffins, which of course, reminds me of Peter. Things are in flow. We muse about our gifts and our lives’ trajectories~ knowing that sometimes a woman’s medicine must brew for a long time before it can be shared. We are patient.

One night, I receive a vision of the need for even deeper cleansing and purification within the Temple~ of my home within and without….”Welcome to the Temple of the Sacred Mirror. All who pass through this place must have their waters purified. We are going to partake of a great experiment. The time is now. It is time to align through guidance and service into our highest capacity to generate and cultivate the void of possibility, the invitation to creation. Calling the Akash forth into being by vibrating the cosmos through mantra and song. Programming the waters of our bodies with geometric impressions of sacred sound. Clearing wounds and stagnancy through a deeper refinement of practices and pure diet. This is a calling of the highest order. The time is now to clean and clear. Chemistry is potential. Alchemy… Is magic. Utilize the gifts of resonance and synchronicity. On and for purpose.” Even in the luminance of such a transmission, I falter. I start and I stop. I judge myself for my incapacity to reach the high ideals I aspire to. Then I think of the quote by Voltaire: The perfect is the enemy of the good. I sigh. Tomorrow is another day. Dissolving self criticism is a lifelong practice.

I come across an image of a goddess on a friend’s Facebook post. It was Isis, and yet I had never before seen this particular image, The presentation was unusual~ very soft, pastel colors, and yet, with all the right implements: hawk, sun or moon disk, wings…still I questioned who she was… I had to, because… could it be?….This image was exactly the way my imagination presented her to me over twenty years ago, when I had only an inkling of Her… Two friends I met within a year of one other expressed upon our meetings that I had appeared to each of them in dreams before our introductions~ as an angel with wings, on a cloud, and with a hawk.. and the image I came across this week, was that which I had held in my mind’s eye based on their descriptions! These two beings crossed my path within a year of each other and became dear and close friends of mine… and unbeknownst to any of us 20 years past, they saw me in my aspect. I am indeed a seed of Her emanation. Great Mother of the Universe, uniting the Divine Energies of sun and moon. High priestess of the realms of life and death. My best friend and I relived a past life at The Temple of Isis through waking visions and dreams in 2011, clearing major karmas with those in our present field, who were part of what happened at the Temple of Isis at the height of her glorification. Even though that was fantastical in and of itself, I had no idea how resonant I was with her realms until later when I began the study of her rights and rituals, and even now, as I perceive myself more fully in the position of Mother, I feel a homecoming. Isis, I accept and integrate the power, the gifts, the wisdom which you wish to bestow upon me. And so it is.

Amidst COVID-19, in the wake of riots, protests, and (as is constantly being pointed out) an upcoming election, I marvel at how easy it is to co-opt the imaginations of the people, to govern the narrative through the transmission of programming and propaganda. The tongues all wag in the same direction and I feel despair at the loss of original thought, authenticity, and the sharing of the deeper gifts each one of us possesses. I feel progress and expansion seemingly screech to a halt as beings return, over and again, to institutions outside of themselves for solutions to the same issues…propagation, cycles…to me, the agenda is clear. Why don’t others see it, I wonder… I grow weary and bored with the same old conversations with acquaintances and on social media and deepen even further into self observation, listening intently within and without. Beings I encounter are pleasantly surprised and clearly activated by my call to their hearts and humanity. One man encourages me to speak, and speak loudly, to find a platform and use it. It is here. The Mythica. I am heartened. There is so much hope, but I feel the worst of this time is yet to be seen. The entire world is in an initiation. For many, this time is terrible. I know that I’ve got it easy in comparison and for that I will continue to be grateful.

Ajna chakra, the seat of the imagination.

Characters appearing in this episode:

Peter Fae @peterfae, Yeshua Lucis @yeshualucis, Kate Lindsey