In From the Quest by Misty Odom

Last night I dreamed that I was sitting on the second story patio of a home I was renting for a retreat. The grass was lush and green. I was watching the sunrise with my friend Mandy and a cat that seemed to belong to the house. We were in a neighborhood that was thickly forested with plenty of space between dwellings. Suddenly, the back yard turned into an ocean. We marveled at the beauty of the waves as they grew larger and larger until a huge tidal wave loomed on the horizon, blocking out the sun. Mandy darted inside with the cat and I remembered to grab my phone and computer and followed them as if, somehow, we would be safe inside. Miraculously, we were~ and the wave washed over the house without even a drip through a window or door.

After it passed, I found Mandy upstairs taking a shower. “Were you scared?” I asked her. “No”, she replied. “The wave is just the return of the Divine Feminine.” I knew what she meant and I felt the satisfaction behind the wise and peaceful way that she said it. I left her to go back downstairs, vaguely aware that the cat was following my every move. We walked out onto the porch and observed that the entire landscape and all it’s structures were covered in sea creatures: starfish, anemones, puddles of fish. I was especially taken by the infinite number of snails of many sizes and colors. The cat wandered around, pawing at them as I carefully observed their movements and wondered how they would survive so far away from the ocean that was washing over the land.

Alongside my concern, I felt a serenity. A knowing that Mandy’s observation was correct. The return of the Divine Feminine presence is washing over us like a tidal wave, leaving many lifeforms in it’s wake to remind us that it is she who births and sustains all beings. Without her, we cannot live. This is true for the world at large, and true for us as individuals who are making peace with or reclaiming our feminine desires and creative essence. When we are sovereign inside our body-temple, what appears as menacing and destructive cannot truly harm us. We can allow the waves of uncertainty, the waters of our emotions, and the flow of creation and destruction to exist without fear that we will be consumed by them. Moreover, we can give ourselves over to these waves, as we realize the importance of creative flow in contrast to the static and routine that we have been trained to align with for far too long. She is, indeed, asking is to surrender, washing us clean, inviting us to love the undulations, the spiraling, the rebirthing. She is here.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Mandy Beintema