Every glance at the clock for days: 3:33, 3:24, 11:11, 11:37..and on and on. Threes, Nines, and Elevens are everywhere. The universe speaks in numbers, and I open myself to receive the message… Threes~ the sacred trine, the foundation of stability, a nod to what Peter, Yeshua and I are embodying. A trinity of archetypes: Mother, Father, and Child. Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and the Emergent Consciousness of the union of these polarities. Nine~ the number of completion, the end of a cycle, the clearing of a karmic debt. Eleven: a master number representing manifestation in it’s highest form, while also giving the implication of standing alone…

The relevance of these numbers is uncanny as we navigate together, learning how to work in harmony on the Mythica, learning how to regard one another properly as we clear our unique individual and shared traumas and distortions. The relationships within our trine grow in a garden of love and respect and genuine care. We are like babies. True innocents with hearts of gold, highest honor, and the rooted desire for all beings to be free and expressed. We maintain a sensitivity that is lost to many. We recognize how incredibly blessed we are to be healing the shadows in proximity to one another. The opportunity to learn and consciously activate each new revelation with honor gives rise to the anchoring of the ancient codes of conduct which channel through us.

Each day within these honest reflections, we are called back home to ourselves, called to complete the cycles that have repeated over and over again in each of our current timelines. We are, all three, in the recognition that we have recently crossed a threshold in Divine Timing, and in proximity to one another. We are being called now to leave the past behind. The beauty is that every opportunity to transform is being taken by each one of us, most especially as we come to recognize that we are indeed holding one another through it all, allowing one another to come as we are with the standing invitation and encouragement to be more: more embodied, more clear, more radiant, and more confident, more sovereign and in love with ourselves than ever before.

Characters appearing in this story:

Peter Fae @peterfae

Yeshua Lucis @yeshualucis

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